The Impact Of GNU Blogs On A Pastor And His Church

Jun 13, 2019 11240

“I discovered that your blogs are full of biblical wisdom as well as devotion.”

God has used the GNU blogs to help a pastor and his church understand the Bible and the Gospel. Here is the story, as told to GNU:

Hello, my name is Wilson Mulindwa from Entebbe, Uganda. I am a father of three and a husband of one wife. I am also a believer and the new church pastor at Paradise Hall of Worship Church in Entebbe.

I began following your blogs one year ago after I saw one of your posts on Facebook. After reading your first blog on Facebook, I followed you on the GNU Website and since then I haven’t ceased from drinking from the GNU well of biblical knowledge and inspiration. I have found blogs by Eliezer Gonzalez to be equally helpful. I have also sought wisdom from the writing of Desmond Ford, and last week someone gifted me with the book “Jesus Only” which is doing wonders in my life.

My church –The Paradise Hall of Worship – is a relatively new church with no more than 200 people and only one branch. My wife and I came up with the idea of starting up a church after we saw how most of our friends who are genuinely seeking worship got exploited by some unworthy church pastors that seek only wealth and fame.


Your blogs have really helped us in understanding the Bible


But after I started pastoring this church I realised that there was much I needed to learn about the Word of God. I wanted to teach my members the true Gospel but I was lacking in biblical knowledge. So I began this journey of understanding the Bible deeper. I have attended one Bible College from which I hope to graduate next year in March. Yet I feel that had GNU had a Bible College, that is where I would have been.

I discovered that your blogs are full of biblical wisdom as well as devotion. I have been copy and pasting some of them and I have so far compiled a 20-page pamphlet full of GNU blogs. Every Sunday morning, before the worship hour, we have a Bible study session in which we read these blogs.

Your blogs have really helped us in understanding the Bible. Some of my church elders sought to know more about these blogs and I have already told them about GNU. The problem is that I don’t know much about GNU except what I have read on the website. However, even for that my congregants and I are grateful. May the Lord help you in this online ministry and I hope to host you in my church in the near future.

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