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Good News Unlimited is a Christian media content ministry whose mission is to spread the Word effectively across the world through simple gospel content. GNU doesn’t represent a church; we simply represent the essential truth of the Gospel with no boundaries or limitations. So it spreads fast. Using radio, television, and digital media to often remote regions globally, our work is also supported by active on-the ground ministry in partnership with local indigenous churches.

Meet Eli
Eliezer Gonzalez communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion and conviction in many countries and in many different forums. He has two Master’s degrees in Theology and Early Christian History, and a PhD in Early Christian History.  You can sign up for GNU’s daily devotional with Eli’s reflections below, and also read Eli’s insightful weekly blog here.


God has already given us everything we need to live in this world. If there is anything else we will need in the future,...

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