Unlimited: God Will Repay What You Have Lost

Jan 24, 2020 1318

Unlimited: God Will Repay What You Have Lost

I will repay you for what the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25 ESV).

Plagues of locusts were terrifying to people in Bible times. After the locusts had passed, every green thing had disappeared. There would be no more food until next year, if you could survive that long.

Locusts still cause devastation, they can be real or symbolic. Our own ‘locusts’ are the things that take away our security and our hope. They are the things that make us feel helpless and aimless. I’m sure that you have locusts in your life.

If there are things you have lost in your life, the Lord is the great Repayer and the great Restorer. He will repay you for everything you have lost – everything eaten by the locusts.

As a follower of Jesus, your life shouldn’t be defined by the locusts, but rather by your faith in Jesus Christ.

The locusts in this life can take away your money, your reputation, your family, even seemingly your dignity. But if you trust in the Lord, everything that has been taken away from you will be repaid to you many times over.

How can you know? What security has God offered up? He pledged his life to it. He has already paid in full.

You receive it by faith today, and you receive it in substance in the Kingdom made new – where there will never be any more locusts.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: What is something that you have lost that has caused you great pain? Do you believe that the Lord can restore this to you, or repay you in some way? Are you willing to trust him to do it?

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Jan 27, 2020

I can certain understand what you are saying, Scott. The only response I can make is that the wonders of heaven - and the chiefest of them all - the presence of Jesus - will more than repay us for all our sorrows.

Tamiru Taye

Jan 27, 2020

yes! I am trust my LORD GOD JESUS From all my Heart!


Jan 26, 2020

I trust the Lord with all of my heart, but there are some things He can never replace like with like. My wife and I were never able to have children. Christians often talk about how wonderful it will be to be reunited with their children in heaven. We will have no natural children in heaven, as my son from a prior marriage has given up his faith in Christ. One may forget that it is not just losing the joy of seeing children in heaven, but the loss of many generations of children, grand-children, great.... As such, it is painful to know that we we have no heritage in heaven, while others will be celebrating with their loved ones. How can I have joy in that, other than that we will have Jesus, which is in truth all one needs?


Jan 25, 2020

Yes I trust Him to do that for me.

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